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Led Exterior Wall Lights

Welcome to our wide range of led exterior wall lights, where practicality meets elegance. We are one of the best suppliers in the country and take pride in offering only top-quality outdoor lighting fixtures straight from our factory to your site. Our led exterior wall lights come in different makes but each one is carefully designed to improve the atmosphere, safety and beauty of any open-air space; be it around commercial buildings or residential patios or public parks.

Our design for led exterior wall lights is meant to bring out unique features when used within different setups outdoors. They are made using high quality materials and incorporate advanced lighting systems that guarantee maximum brightness as they exude an eternal gracefulness. If what you want is a warm inviting feel or bright focused lights for security enhancement, then you will find these among our items which can be adjusted to suit various purposes.

We know how important it is to guarantee good quality being a credible led exterior wall lights wholesaler. For this reason, all our outdoor wall lights are thoroughly tested for toughness and durability against harsh weather conditions. Our led exterior wall lights are created to resist various elements from anti-rust finishing to waterproofing thus they can be used even in the most extreme outdoors settings where other products fail frequently; therefore you can be confident that they will serve you and your customers well for long.

Our range of selection offers different styles which can fit into many architecture designs that people may have in mind while planning their projects or homes construction works. This means we have got something for everyone no matter whether one prefers contemporary sleekness over traditionality or vice versa because among our stock there are modern-looking lamps as well as conventional ones too. So whether working on an ultramodern city block development project or renovating an old farmhouse somewhere off grid – don’t worry about finding just the right kind of led exterior wall lights because with us it’s guaranteed!

Built with easy installation in mind, our led exterior wall lights have intuitive electrical setups and mountings that are easy to use. This is because we know how important time-saving can be when you’re retrofitting or setting up lights for new constructions. That’s not all; while fixing them into your project, our support staff will guide you through every step until everything blends perfectly.

Do you want to light up your outdoor spaces with quality lighting systems? Visit us today and check the various types of led exterior wall lights in stock. If you need them in bulk, they can be customized or even help with choosing what suits you best. We also have knowledgeable staff who can assist you with wholesale information or any other inquiries. Let us bring our knowledge, reliability, and stylishness to brighten up your dreams!

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Get KORS Led Exterior Wall Lights to Delight Your Customers

Our led exterior wall lights have been manufactured using the finest materials available and come in many different styles which can be matched with any architectural design whether it is for houses or offices buildings etcetera so there is something perfect here no matter where you are!

Aluminum Waterterproof Modern Black Outdoor Sconces For Villa
​Our modern black outdoor sconces have a perfect blend of elegance and functionality. These sconces are designed to enhance the beauty of your outdoor spaces, whether it's your porch, patio, or garden.
Black Outdoor Downlight with Light Sensor
An outdoor light fixture such as black outdoor downlights is cool and useful. It is a modern way of adding blackness to anything outside. Besides, it provides enough light from above and below the lamp for visibility and indoor feel.
Aluminum Cylindrical Outdoor Wall Mounted Light
Here is our outdoor downlight with light sensor which is a smooth and effective addition for any open space. Constructed to last, it has modern black finish that suits any outdoor décor. It also has a light sensor that automatically turns on at dusk and switches off at dawn thereby providing effortless lighting solution and energy saving measure.
Aluminum Up Down Outdoor Wall Lamp
For effective outdoor illumination, the outdoor up down lights combines modern design with durable materials to accomplish just that. It is made using high-quality aluminum which gives it a sleek and minimalist appearance that fits well in contemporary settings.
Wall Mounted Outdoor Wall Light
The wall mounted outside lights is a sleek and functional lighting fixture intended for outdoor use. This device enhances the exterior setting with its modern design and durable structure. It can be installed easily as it has a wall-mounted structure and ensures long-lasting functionality in harsh weather outside due to its weather-proof materials.
Aluminum Cylinder Garden Porch Up Down Light
The cylinder outdoor wall light is a stylish and versatile outdoor lighting solution. Of durable aluminum make, this light fitting is built to last in all types of weather and can be put in gardens, verandas, and extra spaces outside.
Outside Black Wall Lights with Motion Sensor
Outdoor space is more secure and convenient with these outside sensor wall lights that have motion sensor features. They are designed in a way that they can be easily incorporated into any outdoor décor, thanks to their black sleekness.
Outdoor Waterproof Garden Wall Downlight
The garden wall downlights is a multi-purpose light source meant to make outdoor living spaces more attractive and functional. It is designed to last for long period of time even under severe weather conditions, making it suitable for use in the rain.
Black Outdoor Aluminum Cylinder LED Wall Light
The sleekly designed outdoor cylinder lights is highly functional. This light’s modern cylindrical shape, made from tough aluminum gives an outdoor area a touch of elegance.
Waterproof Outdoor Garden Porch Sconce Lighting
Introducing our waterproof outdoor wall lights! This sleek and long lasting lighting solution will raise your outdoor space. Its waterproof design protects it from being affected by rain, thus making it ideal for gardens, patios as well as porches.

What materials are your led exterior wall lights made from?

Our led exterior wall lights are crafted from high-quality, weather-resistant materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, and durable plastics, ensuring longevity and performance in outdoor environments.

What kind of warranty do you offer on your led exterior wall lights?

We stand behind the quality of our products with a generous warranty, ensuring peace of mind for our customers. Specific warranty details can be provided upon request.

Are your led exterior wall lights energy-efficient?

Yes, our led exterior wall lights utilize advanced LED technology, offering exceptional energy efficiency and long-term cost savings compared to traditional lighting options.

Do your led exterior wall lights comply with industry safety standards?

Absolutely. Our lights undergo rigorous testing to meet or exceed industry safety standards, ensuring reliability and peace of mind for our customers.

What is the lead time for bulk orders of led exterior wall lights?

Lead times may depend on various factors like size, complexity among others and current production schedules. Please get in touch with our sales team who will advise accordingly after considering all these aspects based on your specific needs.

Do you offer OEM or ODM services for your led exterior wall lights?

Yes indeed! We boast many years’ worth experience handling OEM/ODM projects hence know exactly what it takes designing custom lighting solutions that match both client’s brand identity as well specific requirements.

How do your led exterior wall lights withstand harsh weather conditions?

Our led exterior wall lights are designed and tested to withstand a wide range of weather conditions, including rain, snow, heat, and humidity, ensuring reliable performance in outdoor environments.

Can your led exterior wall lights be used for both residential and commercial applications?

Absolutely! They are suitable for use in various settings including residential houses, commercial buildings like offices or shops among others besides being great options for public spaces such as parks, pathways etcetera.

Do you provide ongoing technical support for your led exterior wall lights?

Yes, our dedicated technical support team is available to assist you with any questions or issues you may have regarding the installation, operation, or maintenance of our products.

What is your minimum order quantity (MOQ) for led exterior wall lights?

The MOQ may vary depending on the type of product and level customization needed hence it would be helpful if you could speak with one our sales representatives who will advise accordingly after considering all these aspects based on your specific needs.

Feel free to reach out to our team if you have any further questions or if you require additional information about our led exterior wall lights. We're here to assist you every step of the way.

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