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Wise buyers and consumers are not to choose a feeble enterprise in the choice of products and manufacturers of the time. Therefore our company's product all through the national CE authentication, all product production conforms to the ISO: 9000:2000 quality control.

1, The autoimmune conditions

A. KORS LIGHTING FACTORY is located in the Pearl River Delta China West of the city of Jiangmen, neighbors and "Chinese lights " Guzhen Town . As everyone knows, the ancient town of the "China Lighting Capital" is the world's four largest lighting production base and sales market. Therefore our company set up sales store in Zhongshan Guzhen and set up factories in Jiangmen, implements sales and the production integration management pattern. The company has the perfect management system, consummates the management, passes through several year experiences and develops with steady steps, already had the experienced engineers and technicians, mature sophisticated manufacturing process and production equipment. Over the years, we plant with good quality, reasonable prices, sophisticated modeling won unanimous praise from domestic and foreign merchants, products sold in the rest of world.

B. Has the official work place and stores can display products and customer reception, equipped with telephone, fax, or mobile phone and other basic communication tools.

C. The product type is variety; it can meet each kind of different consumer's expense need. The company's outdoor lamp has more than 1000 kinds of products, to better meet the different levels of consumer demand. This may the effective expansion sale market complete subdivides the market. Our company is a professional design, production, sales, which integrates lamps enterprises. Products include: Stainless steel under water lighting, Wall Down lighting, Outdoor lighting, Buried Ground lighting, Stainless steel outdoor lighting ,Damp proof lighting ,Projection flood ,Lawn lighting ,Factories lighting ,Supermarket lighting etc Seven categories . In addition, our company also produces highly efficient energy-saving LED lamps.

D. Our goal: “Strives for perfection”, we always persisted achieves the product quality of “0”;
"Be good at innovation, bold reform" is our company's business objectives

2, The financial status

Has the independent account, we can draw up the official ordinary receipt and the increment duty receipt. Have the good turnover of capital ability and the commercial standing and has corresponding liquidity operation or margin.

My company's lamp prices are based on the integrated profit of the enterprise and the market demand pricing. The so outstanding performance-to-price ratio makes the safeguard is our high mechanization technology products, strict management system, advanced production equipment, due to our high degree of mechanization, the production efficiency is 3 times higher than peers, labor costs diluted competition advantage is obvious. Our product performance-to-price ratio the superiority is especially obvious in the profession.

3, The market capacity

A.KORS LIGHTING FACTORY sets up the factory in the Jianghai district, our company implements to the sale and the production unifies, a goods supply ability and has the stable source of tourists.

B. Has the strong development to sell the market ability, we has the consummation B2B network platform and experienced operational staff, we plant with good quality, reasonable price, and exquisite design won the praise of domestic and foreign merchants, the products are sold around the world.

4, The human resources
A. The managers have good management capacity, commercial standing and experience.
B. Has the independence marketing team, including above 4 full time personnel’s being responsible for the service promotion and the sale.
C. Have the strong technical personnel and the mature manufacture craft and the precise production equipment.
D. Have the good social relations in the locality.

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